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Sokkia and nedo Engineer and Land Surveyors Band z Series Automatic Level

Benchmark AZ is proud to offer Sokkia and NEDO engineers and surveyors automatic levels. Sokkia and NEDO produce a high-quality product that has become the standard of professional surveyors, contractors, builders and engineers.

Sokkia and nedo Engineer and Surveyor Automatic Level Features

All of us here at Benchmark AZ appreciate the high-quality that Sokkia B series automatic levels provide. Some of the features that Sokkia automatic levels offer include:
  • Extremely Rugged
  • Very Precise
  • Top of the Line Productivity
  • Has Up To 32X Magnification
  • High-Quality Optics
  • 0.3” Sokkia/Nedo dampened Compensator Setting Accuracy
  • Two Speed Focusing on B20
  • Optional Optical Parallel Plate Micrometer Provides Greater Accuracy Optional Sokkia B20
  • Optional right angle eyepiece, Optional 40X Eyepieceon the B20
  • Precise Wedge Reticle and Stadia on B20

Sokkia and nedo Engineer and Surveyors Automatic Levels Available From Benchmark AZ

Here are some of the fine Sokkia and NEDO Engineer and Land Surveyor B and Z series Automatic Levels that are available from Benchmark AZ. Look at the brief descriptions and click on the image to get more detailed information and to purchase

B20 Sokkia Precise Engineers Automatic Level 32X

The Sokkia B20 Automatic Level is a new top of the line product. This unit has excellent reliability in any environmental condition. Meets or exceeds highway department specifications.

B30 Sokkia Engineers Automatic Level 28X

B30 28X Sokkia Auto level. The B30 fits the requirements of Field Engineers and Land Surveyors alike. A precision automatic level for the most demanding construction sites or accurate differential leveling.

SDL30 Sokkia Electronic Digital Automatic Level, Engineers, Surveyors 32x

The Sokkia SDL30 has a digital display that clearly shows the height, elevation and distance to the level rod. This unit is known for its unwavering accuracy despite the environmental conditions.

SDL1X Sokkia Electronic Digital Automatic Level, Surveyors, Precision Bar Code

The Sokkia SDL1X electronic automatic digital level is the perfect choice for the highest precision and productivity in leveling and height measurement applications.

PL1 Sokkia Precise Tilting level w/ micrometer (0.1mm) or.001"

The Sokkia PL1 Precision Level is our most accurate level. This unit is designed for First Order Leveling and industrial applications that require the highest degree of precision leveling.

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